September 25, 2008

Overheard Curiosities & A Note For Chicago


First I think I may have just heard some kind of money-for-substance exchange happen in the hallway of my apartment complex. Occasionally one of my neighbors gets really fucking high and it just stinks up the hallway, and another neighbor, one two doors down, blasts this Hispanic music loud enough to thump through our walls, with a full apartment between us. At first, I thought maybe there was some kind of Mexican songtress living two doors down because it was loud enough to be live music, but nope, it was just a loud stereo, and I was disappointed. Mexican songtress seems like a pretty good neighbor to have, unless she's got some Selena superfan with poor aim out there, then, no es bueno, chicos y chicas.

Second, I overheard someone say, "Are hashed browns made from potatoes?" today. I'm still not certain what they thought the other options could have been.

Third, AWP is in Chicago, and I haven't seen anybody make a Chicago Mustache suggestion yet. What the hell. It's the land of Ditka, for cripes sake. How about it, boys? Ready to look like men in the Windy City?

viva el mustache

and keep the suggestions coming in the post below...thanks again, everybody...I meet with the person who hired me tomorrow for extra info about the class.


The Mighty Flynn said...

FYI: Mr Dybek has been added to the list of featured presenters.

Jorge said...

I would do a Chicago 'stache, but I can't shave the facial hair until next year. I wonder why there's no beard growing contest going on this year. I need to see about getting that going.