October 12, 2008

Bad Music Sunday


This doesn't really count as a theme, but I've been thinking about selling my car. And, it's a surprisingly emotional experience. Emily likened it to putting down a pet you've cared for for a long time. And while I'm not crying over this, it is strange to think that this car has been in my family for 11 years, and we're trying to just ship it off quickly and cheaply. I think this is more like shuffling an elderly uncle off to an old folks home, because it's better for everyone, he'll get the care he needs, and at the same time, he'll be somebody else's problem now.

And, is it weird that I worry that someone will take care of it once it's sold? I'd hate to be driving around Madison, and see my old Grand Am, but in some abused form or really worse off than what she is now. Maybe it's because I named it.

Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams (Into My Car)

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose

The Cars - Drive

Talking Heads - Love for Sale

Cadillac Don - Peanut Butter & Jelly (ft. J Money)

viva el mustache

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