October 2, 2008

You, Ma'am, Are No Dan Quayle


Tonight is Biden v. Palin. And I have to work, so I'm going to tape it and watch it tomorrow morning.

I know that there's an equal chance that both of these people can really embarrass themselves and their ticket. Palin could go up there and pull an Admiral Stockdale:

And Joe Biden could, well, pull a Joe Biden:

Or, they could both wind up sticking so closely to their scripts that nothing of note happens. But, honestly, I'm rooting for a train wreck. Look, I want my guy to win it, I want Biden to knock Palin around but good and she winds up looking frighteningly under-qualified for the position and garners no sympathies for getting her clit knocked in the dirt. However, if there is a complete blow up on both sides, at least that would make for memorable TV.

viva el mustache

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