November 14, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Voted McCain or Barr or Nader or...


I've had this lingering, annoying thought for the past few days now. Many of the NPR and news magazine programs I hear all make at least passing mention about how electing Obama is some profound statement about the American Dream. How, really, anybody, anybody, could be President, and how that's not (as big of) a lie to tell our children (and ourselves).

And I've been trying to normalize my days lately to make sure I have time to rewrite the thesis everyday, so I've been planning changes that need to be made, sections that need to be added, stuff like that, when it dawned on me.

The book deals with, in part, the decay of the American dream where the drive, and memory of the drive, are there but no opportunity...and this son of a bitch Barck Hussein Obama had to go revitalize the American Dream, making my book seem a little quaint, a remnant of Republican times, at least in this regard. Haven't even got it in shape to start getting rejection letters and it's already a "book of it's time" or a relic. It's like I finished a book called "Our Friends the Japanese" the day before Pearl Harbor.

Oh well.

viva el mustache


The Ghost of Nostradamustache said...

Don't worry, buddy, the American dream is still as much a farce as it always has been. I Obama's election makes your point more poignant in that there is a revitalization of the myth.
This election was a show that race is not as much an issue in rising to power--which is good--but it does not address class in the least. The poor are still at a remarkable disadvantage and the myth of the american dream is only perpetuated by allowing a few outside the wealthy elite succeed to make it appear as though anyone can. Keep in mind that Obama was the only black member of the senate when he was there and I'm willing to bet that no one elected has worked pay check to pay check or finds the economic downturn anything less than annoying rather than potentially devastating.

So cheer up!

Anonymous said...

Where are your daily photos? Weren't you going to join the challenge?


Bryan said... know, you're right. I feel so much better...

Mitch...I have two excuses. First, the camera I have needs to have it's batteries charged and I don't know where the battery charger is. Second, I may be buying a new camera tomorrow anyway (my current camera leaves a lot to be desired, like being able to take photos at night that are worth a damn) so I may just wait until I get my camera upgraded.