December 16, 2008

ADULT CONTENT: NOT SAFE FOR WORK....People `Round Here Don't Respect Nothing No More

this is not the project i intended on undertaking, just the one i had plan didn't work out like i wanted, so you get this.

oh and, depending on who you work for, or in whose company you open this blog, fair warning that this post contains a drawing that you may not want a kid or boss to see on your computer. it's nothing that bad so don't get your hopes up either for some kind of hardcore nude stuff, because that's not here (nor will there be, i don't think, unless seth takes his top off again), but in this day and age, who knows what could get a body in trouble, so i figured i'd start with this warning.

this picture was taken in one of the many study cubes located around the stacks in the uw memorial library...what i thought was interesting is that in this cube all the graffiti was centralized to this one piece of worn paper, where dan w. and a lover of boobies were at some point in time, on maybe, separate days. i just like the variety of junk here, you got the boobie love, the traditional heart thing, then there's that bit about giving peace a chance and that person at the bottom who wants sex right there (presumably because they love boobies quite a lot)....harmless stuff, overall.

this genitalia found on the wall in the parking garage in the business building, though...terrible. never mind that a ball sack with that pronounced of a part would make running impossible because the testicles would be clacking together like it's not anatomically correct. but, who draws genitals like this, this day and age, on a parking garage wall...and also where there is no other graffiti. this is what starts the wall art there...deformed genitals?

didn't even go just a little artistic with like a rainbow shooting out of it or a bunch of smiling people around it like in a cigarette advertisement, or maybe with a machine gun or a saddle or something else so it's not just a boring old penis. plus who draws this junk in this day and age? teenagers? really? teenagers draw erect penises on things? why? aren't teenagers now supposed to be so in tune with things that they would know penis drawings are cliche?

and, i must say, we can't have evolved that far if as a species we're still drawing erect penises on walls like it just amazes us all the wonder and joy they can provide so we gotta draw one on the walls, so other people can know that this penis thing is nice thing to have know, like a billboard...but that does lead me to an interesting question...

how neat would it be if graffiti was more like cave drawings or hieroglyphics where you'd tag some drawings about your day on a train car or overpass...enough with the funky letters, gang signs, declarations of love and gentials...let's start telling stories with the wall art....and, after all that to's the drawing

one final thing, it does making finding your car a little easier when going back to the business building.
"honey, where'd we park?"
"first floor, near the cock-n-balls."
"of course! the cock!"

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