December 7, 2008

Bad Music Sunday


Another Sunday, more bad music...what, oh what, did I get wrong this time? Jorge, you a closet Chicago fan?

Scarlett Johansson - Falling Down
Since today is Tom Waits' birthday, here's Scarlett Johansson taking a shit on a Tom Waits song. What I've heard of this Johansson sings Waits album is just just terrible. Which brings me to pet peeve. People who like a songs because the singer is hot. It makes no fucking sense. Music is an aural thing. Hotness is visual. Come on! If songs were based on hotness, then I'd have to say that the Johansson versions of these Tom Waits songs would be much, much better than the originals.

Paula Cole - I Don't Wanna Wait

Alanis Morissette - Everything
Yeesh. Whatever happened to You Oughta Know and those theater blowjobs on Dave Coulier?

Jim Carrey - I Am the Walrus
The video that was here was Jim Carrey singing this in studio, but it was pulled down...but I shall not be deterred in sharing this god awful thing.

Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry
It sure is Peter Cetera. It sure is.

Del Amtitri - Roll to Me

Tripping Daisy - I Got a Girl

viva el mustache


Jorge said...

You should know by now I'm not in the closet about my musical tastes. And yes, I do like Chicago. I just discovered Pandora Internet Radio and I'm hooked. I can type in Journey and it will play songs for me by Journey and songs like Journey's songs. I'm an addict.
The one artist I'm in the closet about, and I guess I'm not really, is Avril. I kinda dig that chick. She's got a good voice, for what she's doing.
And the hotness thing with musicians, I think you're right. And that Johnason (sp?) cover is pretty horrible, but I do like the video concept in general.

GMACD said...

That Tripping Daisy song always made me want to throw up literally!