December 14, 2008

Bad Music Sunday: Metal! Metal!


Not sure what precipitated this week's dose of metal. Counter programming to Christmas? I don't know. Next week though, Christmas music...

Megadeth - 99 Ways to Die

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
I still can't believe that this band came out after Spinal Tap, and people still took them seriously.

Manowar - Brothers of Metal
I've talked before about my cousin Danny. Never moved out, in his mid-thirties, never dated a girl (or boy), works at a lead factory, and loves this kind of music. He's a collector actually. I have a very clear memory of me being over his house one day, and him putting a Manowar CD on for me, as to indoctrinate me into the world of metal. Not sure if this was the best music to sell a boy of 7 on metal, but then again, what would you make a young boy listen to if you are trying to craft him into a metal fan, particularly in the middle 80s?

Otep - Infidel
I think that's a girl singing. Or maybe Satan.

Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog
Try to hang with this for at least 1:30 in. It starts getting weird then.

Cannibal Corpse- Hammer Smashed Face (Live!)
Yes, the coup de know, there are actual lyrics to this song.

And, hey, does Stone Sour count as metal? I really don't know:

Stone Sour - Through Glass
Nothing like celebrities bitching about celebrities...

Stone Sour - Bother
This video weirds me out, mostly because it really looks like the guy wants to make out with himself. And I don't know why that bothers me so much.

viva el mustache


Jorge said...

Iron Maiden...Come on. They're classic.

Bryan said...
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