December 28, 2008

Bad Music Sunday


Before I get onto the business of BMS, let me say that if you haven't checked out Charles Baxter's "The Art of the Subtext" you should. It's a damn fine and smart book about the art of fiction. Definitely worth hunting down, and I have a longer post brewing about that, which I'll write upon returning from the StL these next few days. So now I'd love to find the rest of those "Art of" books from that series. But, the new year's coming and one of my resolutions is to actually follow my book diet. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. Here's some shitty music.

Simon Collins - Unconditional
This is the son of Phil Collins. We know where the talent in that family went, eh? The mom, and her divorce court smarts for getting all that sweet, sweet Phil Collins money.

Sean Lennon - Home
YAWN! Oh, he's John Lennon's son? Really? Well, clearly then he should make music.

Sean Lennon - Dear Prudence
I really like the original. I just hate Sean Lennon's voice. And, hey, just because he's John's kid doesn't give him the right to fuck up his dad's songs. You don't see Rufus Henley stirring up this kind of nonsense.

30 Seconds to Mars - From Yesterday
Dear Jared are a very pretty boy. Good for you. Now, please stick to getting killed, or at least beaten to shit, in David Fincher movies. You're good at that. Oh, and being on that one MTV show where you had AIDS or whatever. Something like that.

Toto - Rosanna
How did I not put this one on here sooner? Whew. And, it sort of looks like a very young Jim Carrey is in this video. Is that possible?

Morandi - Angels (Love is the Answer)
Found turd, but a turd you could dance to if so inclined.

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Jorge said...

I'm pretty sure that is Jim Carrey in the Toto video. I think he was in another video as well.