December 30, 2008

Long Time Coming

here's the sign for the long defunct Bel Air Drive-In of mitchell, illinois.
it was here where i saw gremlins for the first time, and for years and years and years it has been torn down. i've been thinking it would be perfect for a professional photographer to snap it, put it in a calendar or something. maybe one of those classy black and white numbers you see from time to time.
so finally, i got a picture of this damn sign, taken by emily, as we drove by it on the way to edwardsville yesterday. if not for that fucking pole in the way, would be a damn fine photo i still believe. i just love these type of signs. but, i'm back in madison now, oh yes. and loaded to the gills with pictures from the granite city trip (we snapped about 100 pics).

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Jorge said...

There's a BelAire Motel in Springfield with a similar old sign. It even had one of those balls with all the pointy sticks coming off of it to look futuristic. Now it's a pay by the month hotel where hookers and drug dealers live. Still pretty classy.