December 2, 2008

Madison Tour


Winter break's coming for a lot of you, and while it will be cold as all hell here too, anybody willing to swing up for a Madison trip is welcome to our couch. Just so you know, I'm off work Mondays and Tuesdays.

Usually that would be a bummer because there's not much fun to be hand on those days of week, but let me tell you, we found this place called Pasqual's tonight. And Tuesday's is half-priced margarita night at this joint.

And either I'm a ridiculous lightweight anymore since I don't drink near as much as I used to, or that place makes one strong margarita. But, even though it is strong, it's a smooth margarita, for sure.

Also, the food there is fantastic (I had the Garden Quesadilla, and it was great...though overall it was kind of pricey), some of the best, if not the best "Mexican" food I've had. Now, I've had very little, probably none, authentic food from Mexico, instead going to those Americanized places like Tres Hombres (EDIT: I had the wrong word there before) in Carbondale or Mexican Village in Mankato, and other joints like that where it's not exactly authentic, but you get a good dish of food.

But, after tonight, I'm adding Pasqual's as one of those places where I'm sure to take visitors to Madison. The list includes the State Street, particularly the book stores (Avol's, Room of One's Own, Paul's Books, Browzer's Books), the awesome book stores not on state (Frugal Muse, Half-Price Books) and breakfast, wonderful breakfast, at Monty's Blue Plate Diner.

I'm really staring to like this place.

viva el mustache


Bronson said...

I can vouch for the bookstores and Monty's Blue Plate Diner. All are terrific. I especially liked Avol's and, of course, Monty's.

Jorge said...

Tres Hombres!
Where the beer is so-so and you'll always go broke and never know where that itch came from. Nice beer garden with a view of the drive through liquor store next door, though.

Anonymous said...

Mexican Village is an affront to food--let alone Mexican food. You should have gone to Mazatlan.