December 5, 2008

One Out of Five


I just found that the NY Times revealed it's Ten Best Books of 2008 list via the Paper Cuts blog.

Now, I did make guesses as to which five fiction books would be chosen. To refresh your memory my picks:

Charles Bock - Beautiful Children
Marilynne Robinson - Home
Roberto Bolano - 2666
Aleksander Hemon - The Lazurus Project
Elegy: Poems - Mary Jo Bang

The only one I got right was 2666 by Roberto Bolano.

The chosen:

Steven Millhauser - Dangerous Laughter
Toni Morrison - A Mercy
Netherland - Joseph O'Neill
2666 - Roberto Bolano
Unaccustomed Earth - Jhumpa Lahiri

Well, shows what I know about good books, eh?

viva el mustache

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