December 20, 2008

The Story of Yesterday's Commute

here is the story of yesterday's commute to work
through the slush clog of the streets

my shift starts at 1:15...i usually leave around 12:45

here is what the car looked like, nice and dug in like on account of the mini-dozer
plowing the parking lot.

i had snow up to my hips after shoveling out the car, but did not take a picture of that, though it would have made a more compelling photo. instead, here's the time i got into my car after clearing everything out the best that i could

here's when i arrived at work, on what is typically a 10 to 15 minute drive

17 minutes! over a half hour early! fuck!
after last year's 100-plus inches of snow, it appears madison does not suffer snowy roads. they get right on that shit, particularly the major thruways. some of the sidestreets had not been plowed so they were slippery with mounds of rutted wet sloppy snow on the road and i did skid around some when making turns, but overall the commute was not that bad...but my car has developed this shimmy to it that is either snow related or broken-part related, I really don't know which.

more snow scheduled for sunday...let's see if madison can keep up thier superb snow removal tactics.

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