December 22, 2008

Warp Emily

i used to love to drive. not when i was 16 or nothing but for a good long while, driving equaled fun for me. neither a gearhead nor greasemonkey, i just enjoyed a good drive, that's all. then i went to mankato, and in a sense bequeathed my car over to emily since she needed it more than me and ever since, i could give two shits about driving, and would much rather live in a car-less place, for me never to drive, own or worry about a car again.
so, right now, it works out ok that emily drives a majority of the time on our trips around madison because she drives like richard petty...or in this snowy climate, like bobsledder or a zamboni with a grudge and some nitro.
here's my photograph proof of emily's speed-demoning...behold this ludcridous speed:

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