January 11, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


This year, so far, has sucked. Yeah, only 11 days in, but I'm telling you, it's been fucked so far. My dad laid off, officially. Hours cut at my shitty job. Found out I won't be teaching this semester. Plus a few other minor perturbations has really made 2009 one fiercely coiled turd thus far. But, I did see Charlie Parr live, and Obama will get sworn in in a few days here, so things could still turn around. It's early, right? But, tell you what, when your starting pitcher gives up 4 runs in the top of the first, and sure you got 27 outs to get those runs back, it's hard to not to think about going to the long reliever and resting the starters because it's shaping up to be a long game.

So, in response to the first 11 days of the year...

Olivia Newton John w/E.L.O - Xanadu

The Ordinary Fear of God - One Good Year
Russell Crowe's second BMS appearance. Keep making music, Mr. Crowe, you're sure to be on here again.

Finger Eleven - Good Times
I like the comments beneath this one on the YouTube page. Particularly the one that says that after this song, they started sucking. Plus, they have 11 in the band's name...close enough to the theme for me.

Tommy Lee - Good Times
Hard to believe that this guy's singing career peaked, yes peaked, with Methods of Mayhem.

Goldfrapp - Happiness

Mannheim Steamroller - Joy to the World
I hate Mannheim Steamroller like how Jesus hates sin. It's pure, without malice and righteous.

Take That - Greatest Day

viva el mustache

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