January 26, 2009

Beyond Compear

gotta love any post where you can put a pun in the title.

those pears below, simple bosc pears that you can find just about anywhere. but those pears below are the best pears i have ever had in my life. now i have never had a pear and said "wow, damn good pear" but i did in sampling these at the grocery store (where i also tried many other fantastic fruit, include a grapple, the grape/apple hybrid, as well as a variety of excellent cheeses). and, let me tell you, after trying it, i had a george costanza moment where it was such a good pear, "i think it moved."

where did this happen? brennan's market. as far as fruit goes i can't imagine a better place, and it has other groceries there too, not a full service store...more like a boutique grocer (they even have their own custom beer) where i want to take people to, especially if they are fans of fresh fruit and the like. i know a grocery is a strange place to want to take people, but man, you haven't tried these pears.


Emily said...

I second the awesomeness of these pears.

Diana said...

I would be all about high end fresh fruit.