January 29, 2009

First Year of the Rest of My Life

locked in this cold, cold winter, i've been thinking about summer, for comfort you know.

then i got a look at my head in the mirror one day and realized that this will be the first summer that if i intend on going outside without a hat, i'll need to put sunscreen on my head.

my balding damn head...and really, this is more like evaporating than balding.

and while that is kind of sad, it's just my genetics (thanks, mom!) asserting themselves, but it looks like i'm losing my hair asymmetrically. what the fuck, body? need i suffer that indignity too? fat, asthmatic, greasy, gassy and pimply just wasn't enough for you, so you gotta pull this uneven hair loss shit? thank god i'm married.

also, i realized that by the time emily and i can afford children, i will be horseshoe bald or rocking a shaved head so my kid(s) will never know me as a haired man.

and, god, do you see that little bit of flash-glare on the top of my head? sweet jesus...

1 comment:

Emily said...

I love you, sweetie. Hair or no.