January 13, 2009

How I Woke Up Wearing My Shirt

title says it all.
woke up wearing my shirt backwards and inside out.
anybody else have strange wardrobe happenings while you sleep?
say you go to bed wearing pants and wake up not wearing pants,
and i'm not talking about some kind of drunken surprise either but perfectly
sober wardrobe surprises come the morning?
this is a pretty common occurrence for me, and while this particular
wardrobe malfunction is explainable, others, i've had...not so much.

hope you like the new design...i'm still tinkering with moving to a new hosting place for this picture blog so to have larger pictures, but that's a good while coming yet.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

I had a disturbing wardrobe malfunction one night. It involved a friend.
In my first year of undergrad, I wasn't good at waking up. I wasn't good at waking up until I came to Mankato. Anyway, I lived in the dorms and a friend of mine would get back from class about the time I needed to get up for my class. So I asked him if he'd come and wake me up. I would leave the door open and he'd come in and throw things at me until I woke up.
One morning I was especially hard to wake up. In fact, I didn't get up. I eventually crawled out of bed four hours after I should have gotten up. I noticed that I wasn't wearing the pants I went to bed in. They weren't crumpled under the covers either. They were neatly folded on my desk chair, which was under my bed (I lofted my bed and had my desk under it). When I went down to yell at my friend for not waking me up he said he tried for an hour and I wouldn't get up.
He had no answer for why my pants were off and neatly folded on the desk chair.