January 17, 2009

Results Are In


A while back, I had that long, long post the tests for jobs I had to take recently. I got the results, and, well, not good.

For the adjudicator position, I passed the test. You had to get above a 70, and I got something like a 74. Maybe the Chatty Ex-Adjudicator fared better than me after all. They also give you a rank among all those in the state of Wisconsin who took the test that day. My rank? 359. Guh. Oh well. Maybe the 358 ahead of me all live in Green Bay or Milwaukee.

For the library position, that one turned out worse, actually, since I feel qualified, in a roundabout way, for this job. Out of 100%, I got a 65%. 65! A fucking D! Oh, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. I probably missed all the library terminology questions, and once during the test, I noticed that I had skipped a question, so I had to go back and erase about 10 or 15 answers to correct that missed question so maybe I didn't erase them clearly enough so the scantron machine might have fucked me at least once, and if I think hard enough, I'm sure I could cook up some other excuses. Damn though, I thought I would have had a better showing than that. And they rank you with this one too, and I was 14th. The interview the top 8. So no interview for that one, though if the exact same job opens up again within the next 6 months, and the 13 people ahead of me all move, get comatose, explode, move or get more gainfully employed, well then, I might could wow them.

So guess I can cross library assistant and adjudicator off the old dream job list, but that's all right. I got other applications out there, will be sending more soon, as well. February is the month for that Wisconsin Arts fellowship, or whatever it's called, so I got that to look forward to applying to (and some serious writing to do as well). And, hey, making some progress with the weight loss, might accidentally exceed my goal for January. Things are looking fair-to-middling, I suppose.

viva el mustache

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