January 30, 2009

Super, Eh?


Usually, around this time, I dust off the mustache science post to tell you who will win the Super Bowl. And, I haven't been wrong with the Super Bowl picking basted on mustache strength (at least I think so, I'm too tired to fish back through the old posts to prove me right).

But this year, I haven't watched a single NFL football game from start to finish. So I don't know who has a mustache, who doesn't or much of anything. I had thought the coaches for the Arizona Football Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Football Steelers had mustaches, but I was wrong (Mike Tomlin, Steelers coach, has a beard). I know that the quarterbacks to both teams rock beards, so that's out. And the only other player I know anything about is Edgerin James and his gold teeth. Maybe there's some kind of coordinator or whatever with mustaches on both teams, but, eh, whatever. The mustaches of a the assistant special teams coordinator versus the outside linebacker coach probably lack the team-wide importance to affect the game. (By the way, why do football coaches need so many damn coordinators...do they actually coach anything or are they more like the executive branch of the machinations of a football squad?).

So, here's my prediction for this Super Bowl. It'll suck. It'll wind up being a 3 to 2 score or something like that. Loads of turnovers, incomptent offense in the face of clumsy defense. So, who will win?

Arizona Football Cardinals. Why? Because this guy, certified douche, is on the Steelers. And having a low douche quotient has to go a long way in winning that Super Bowl.

Anyway, go Cards...I guess.

viva el mustache

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