January 9, 2009

Watch Darkon


Want to watch Darkon? Quite possibly the finest movie about Live Action Role Playing and the people who play that style of game? Want to watch it now...for free (with some commercials, of course).

Well, get your popcorn ready, chums. Pull up a chair and click the below video. Watch it all, for free, for legal, right there, thanks to this new, cool website SnagFilms (they have more videos available, some look really interesting, too).

Enjoy it!

Oh, and here's one for you, Diana.

A Pug's Life

viva technological advancements (except the kindle, fuck that...literary luddites unite!)


Jorge said...

50% of my friend base in high school was LARPers. I've heard sex stories from those events.

Bryan said...

Wait a second. They have sex while LARPing? In character, as part of the game?

Does that count as cheating if either LARPing sex-haver is in a relationship, and the LARP-sex happens while in character and the LARP-sex is part of the game?

Diana said...

I'm loving this pug movie!

Diana said...

Thank you for this link--I'm going to watch these while I'm on the elliptical at the gym.

Jorge said...

The sex was while LARPing, but it was out of character. They said that some people did have sex in character, but those people were dating out of character. I think it depends on the strictness of the game/players, but there are 'relationships' in character where two people who might be dating other people out of character are dating each other in character. Sometimes that leads to the break up of out of character relationships. There's a very, very fine line between having fun and enjoying the fantasy and engrossing one's self too much. And that line depends on who you're talking to.
It's a very complex culture, as that movie showed.