February 1, 2009

Bad Music Super Sunday of the Big Game


In honor of the Super Bowl, here's a mess of football related rapping. I know I already featured the LA Raiders on BMS once (it was glorious) but these here are pretty choice. I particularly recommend you watch the "Ram It" video.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fight Song (Here We Go Steelers)

Golden Cousins - Arizona Cardinals
They were bad in the 80s so they didn't have a reason to make a rap song, at least one that I could find on you tube. But now they got this one. Hot dog. Welcome to the party, Arizona.

The Rammers - Ram It

Seattle Seahawks - Cuz the Blue Wave is on the Run

Philadelphia Eagles Rap - Buddy's Watching You

viva el mustache

1 comment:

Jorge said...

If you watch the Cardinals one, you can see the dude crouching, trying to get out of the shot. Fail.