February 27, 2009

Economic Stimulus, BOMM Style


This upcoming week, first week of March, let's get some money together go out there and stimulate the economy, aight?


Buy this record (comes out March 3)
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone (and if you want to listen to the whole shebang online for free, well, then click right here...even more of a reason why you should be listening to All Songs Considered)
. Then, after all that

Here's a song from it...

Now, go buy these books, from independent booksellers if possible, but Amazon is linked to below:

Diana Joseph's I'm Sorry You Feel That Way
(March 5)

Brad Gooch's Flannery (already out, but wait for Stimulus Week)

Philipp Meyer's American Rust (already out, but wait for Stimulus Week)

Nicole Helget's Turtle Catcher (already out, but wait for Stimulus Week)

Ben Drevlow's Bend with the Knees and Other Love Advice from My Father (been out, but next week's finally the time you get around to it)

David McGlynn's The End of the Straight and Narrow (I don't know who this guy is, but Diana sure seemed to like his book, so good enough for me)

And make sure you go see this movie, and if you can, make it IMAX:

Watchmen (comes out 3/6/09)

The Keene Act and YOU!

Fine, maybe you'd rather a non-adaptation adaptation, where it's just the comic page by page but lightly animated and also lightly acted...

Watchmen The Complete Motion Comic (comes out on DVD March 3)

Also, finally, once you've blown all your money and you're looking at your last dollar in your wallet thinking how, how can this one dollar help the economy? Shove it into a soda machine? Buy a candy bar? Glue it to the sidewalk to piss off some hobos?

No. Spend the 95 cents on this podcast of This American Life called Somewhere Out There (LINK FIXED 2/28...I had the wrong show here linked before...if you blew your last dollar on that one, it's still good, but this one is better...sorry, dudes) then glue that nickle of change to the sidewalk to fuck with hobos. Seriously though, you just have to listen to the story about the 8 year old transgender kid named Thomasina that's in this episode. Frankly, one of the best This American Life segments I've heard because that kid, Thomasina, is amazing (imagine me saying that in that particularly emphatic Diana-Joseph way). You have never heard a child this self-aware...well, I nearly spoiled part of the show that just amazed me the most, but I won't. Really the whole show is a fantastic episode, worth your 95 cents if you don't already have it on your iTunes for free.

That's it. Go forth, pretend like it's Sept 12th next week, right former President Bush?, and let's go out shopping.

viva el mustache


Jorge said...

Why are all the bottoms of the youtube videos pink? Or am I seeing things?

Bryan said...

They are pink. With YouTube, some videos you can select the border when you embed them. I clicked pink by accident for one video, but then all of them turned out that way through the magic of internet voodoo.

Bronson said...

I'm just now catching up on old This American Life podcasts and I've come across the episode with Thomasina. Great episode. The episode also includes a story about an American falling in love with a Chinese girl (which is a big topic of conversation with expats over here).

GMACD said...

Don't forget about U2's new "No Line on the Horizon " release coming out on Tuesday.