February 24, 2009

Hey, Jorge

Mankato Friends,

Lookit. April 10th I'll be arriving in Mankato for the Catherine/Ande reading on April 11th and I'll be heading back to Madison sometime on April 12th.

And I happen to know for a good long while Jorge wanted to have a Chicken and Pornography party.

So, why not April 10th? How about it Jorge? Your apartment, yeah? Enough time to get some movies of interest from your porn connect in Springfield?

Oh, and the reason why this is on the blog and not in an email straight to Jorge is that I'm counting on you others who will be in Mankato around that time to persuade him as well to make this chicken and pornography dream a reality. Of course you're all invited, too.

And, yes, we vegetarians can bring our own Morning Star Faux-Chicken nuggets. Hell, maybe the whole party is bring your own chicken. Some people might prefer broasted to fried anyways.

viva el mustache


Ande said...

I think I feel honored that you're going to be in town for the reading Mr. Stache. Now I feel like the pressure's on, though.

Not It said...

April 10th is my birthday. I think chicken and porn is an excellent way to celebrate... creepy but excellent.

Jorge said...

Everyone should have a Chicken and Porn Birthday. Like the golden birthday (if you were born on the 20th, you're golden birthday is when you turn 20, for those of you that didn't know).

Big Perm said...

I'll bring some Morning Star Nuggets. And some pirate porn.

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to keep my phone on for a drunk dial. Find some good ingredients.