February 10, 2009

Holding Out for a Hero

Anybody really surprised this guy managed to land that plane in that river? Oh, I'm sure you heard about it. I think he's replacing the golden calf in some areas of the country. But, c'mon. Look at him. Really look at him. One word, babies:


Yeah, that's all that old boy had to do. Get on TV, explain that he is all man, then point to the mustache and tell Matt Lauer, Harry Smith and all those morning TV types and say, "Never doubt this, boys. Never."

viva el mustache


Luke said...

You can see it in his face. The calm, cool demeanor. "Your goddamn right I'm the man."

GMACD said...

I like what Letterman said about him last night. It was a publicity stunt for US Airways and he'd like to see "Sully" do it again.