February 2, 2009

The Shape I'm In & The Running Man


First 31 days of this years weight loss project, and I'm over my goal. I lost 6.4 pounds instead of the 5 I aimed for. That's fine. I'd like to lose more actually, but 6.4 is good considering the mistakes I've made eating wise this month, not being diligent enough about avoiding bad-for-you foods and eating late at night. But, not bad, not bad. Next goal. 31 days from today, is 264.8 pounds. I'm hoping for more, but anything less that 5 will be a failure I think.

I'm also changing up what I do. It's a little trick that the infomercials call muscle confusion, so I'm not just repeating the same tasks over and over. See, your body gets use to doing the same exercises day in and day out. In all truth, the effect is small, but it's worth changing things up so I don't get bored. And since I have these Biggest Loser exercise DVDs (the Cardio and Sculpting ones) figured I should do that for 6 weeks. Hopefully that translates into 5 pounds off in 31 days, but we'll find out I suppose.

But, I have a request from you other gym people, particularly the runners. Once the weather warms up, and I get my weight down to close to 250 or thereabouts, just so I'm not killing my knees with all that weight crushing down on them, I want to start running. It's good exercise, it's something different, and something I would like, particularly since I've never been able to run from asthma and lifelong fatness. So it's be a little bit good work out, a whole lot exorcising old chubby demons.

And once I start running, I need new music. I have some stuff that would work for a new running regiment, like some of the pop punk things I have (Sahara Hotnights, particularly) and other music that would keep me motivated, but I don't have enough music like that. No kind of electronic thumpers, or much of any driving strong sounds. Currently while biking I put my iPod on random or listen to Fresh Air, but Terry Gross or songs by Sufjan Stevens won't keep me motivated to run since I'll be fighting myself and years of subconscious thoughts about how I can't do this stuff.

So, runners and gym types, what do you listen to while taking care of business? Any recommendations? I'd hate to blow money on stuff by the Utah Saints, (that video linked there is pretty funny, you might like it) but I will if it helps.

viva el mustache

ps...i have a hard time thinking about running and not thinking about the below movie...i can't help it:


Jessica said...

I used to get a good kick running to Amy Whinehouse. I don't know why and I doubt she's your thing. The Killers worked well, too. Other than that I listened to lame pop and hip hop stuff for the most part. I actually need some good tunes. Let me know what you get!

Big Perm said...

I don't think I'm going to be able to help. I love running to NPR. It's like a conversation.

Let's see...every time I go to the gym, there's at least one person on a treadmill next to me blasting that freaking annoying "If you like it than you should've put a ring on it" song by Beyonce. They seem to like it.

Also, there's someone we know (he can name himself) who likes to listen to the Rocky theme song while he chug-chug-chugs-away at the gym.

My suggestion overall: you want to listen to all those songs that make you feel strong or riled up.