February 23, 2009

Trust No One

a new day, another financial fuck you from the world of money. by my initial calculations, it's looking like we owe something like 650 bucks to the federales for, i suppose, keeping me safe from iraqis and constant deregulation and keeping me safe from gays marrying. i'm going to go back over these numbers again, make sure i didn't mess something up in my adding and subtracting and such. but there is a valuable lesson learned in all this.

trust no one, ever, when it comes to working with money, particularly yours. i'm being burned by some faulty health insurance deductions. this latest econo-crisis stems from faulty payroll federal payroll deductions. maybe it stems from a w4 filled out in error, but my money's on an hr fuck up as i don't think it's too likely that emily and i somehow put down we have 3 or 4 dependents on the initial w4. for so long, i've just assumed that those in charge wouldn't mess up stuff like this. well, surely did make an ass out of me. big time. lesson learned, universe. i get it. please stop fucking with me now.

so, here's a look at all the paperwork that damn near brought me to self flaggelation today.

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