February 18, 2009

What Other People See When They See Me, I Guess


emily snapped this photo and i didn't recognize myself at first. the more i look at it, the more it all comes together with the huge eyebrows, higher (and higher) forehead, the forceps dent, and also the eyebrow scar...but holy god, i hope this isn't my everyday walking-around expression...and what the hell is going on with my right eye? its just sort of doing it's own thing over there, but it's my left eye that's clinically lazy, though the more i scrutinize, something funny's going on with that left eye too, like it looks a little lower, maybe, like i'm rocking a roy williams face lean here. and my goodness those big ears. and i was thinking about shaving my head...oh, who am i kidding, it won't make a difference, this hair's gone gone gone...maybe i should wax down these eyebrows to make them a little less peter gallagher...yipes.

gimme your caption to this one in the comments


Diana said...

You're weird. I don't see any of that stuff you pointed out. I just see you.

Bryan said...

I know, I can't help it.

Jorge said...

Don't worry, Bryan, I see it all. But, to make this comment sweet like candy, you look like you've lost weight. Which I know for a fact is true. But it shows.