March 21, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Hold onto your socks, gents. You're getting TWO (2) BMS posts today. I got one timed for later tonight.

Here's the first taste...

Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get Retarded
Here's to you, Mr. President. I know it's obvious and I can't possibly be the first one to link these two together, but I had to do it. And, let me say, I hope Obama grows out of what seems like his "I-Can't-Fucking-Believe-I'm-President" stage he's in now. Just going on the Tonight Show, being all yucks and such. God. Lookit, I like the guy, glad I voted for him, I have confidence he can help toward fixing the country...but if he keeps doing goofball Bushian stuff, ("Blame me" isn't that much different than "I'm the decider" really) and dammit...that's not who I voted for. I didn't vote for the smartest guy in the room just to learn he always wanted to be the jock. Still got a long, long way to go to be a complete Bush nincompoop, but I've had my fill of presidential nincompoopery, thank you, so my tolerance is quite low.

Bowling for Soup - I Melt with You
Oh the identical horrors that Green Day by way of Blink 182 wrought. I do like that this band has a really fat guy in it. I do not like that their only change to covering this song seems to be kazoos. Why record this then, huh? Honestly. Even New Found Glory manages some inspired moments with their movie cover song EPs.

Garth Brooks & George Jones - Beer Run
Thief! Thief! Shame on you, Chris Gaines!

Chris Gaines - Right Now
Shame on you, twice, Chris Gaines!

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

Diana Ross & Julio Iglesias - All of You
Y su papá aspira también, perra

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love
Not a Huey Lewis cover. But you really wish it would be.

Bonus Video:
Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias - To All The Girls I've Loved Before
I won't call this bad music, but damn, this is a kind of strange video. Just, I don't know, the idea that the Red Headed Stranger has a stable full of Red Headed Bastard Children out there...I used to listen to Willie's Christmas album, he can't be out there banging road whores. That's not the Willie I know. Plus, I always like the look of a man in a tux singing with a man in a t-shirt and bandanna. Good stuff. Oh, the sounds a little fucked up.

viva el mustache

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