March 22, 2009

Bonus BMS: The Indestructible Seven Nation Army (Expanded)


Here's that bonus BMS I mentioned earlier. Maybe it's not BMS at all the more that I think about it, but I thought it was weird that so many people have covered The White Stripes The Seven Nation Army. I didn't think that this was a song that would get covered this much. Turns out, I don't know shit. Let me know what you think. Is Seven Nation Army an indestructible song a la Downtown Train by Tom Waits?

Kate Nash
If you don't know who she is, she has this fantastically catchy britpop song called "Foundations." It was on that Diana mix disc so you might have danced to it.

Alice Russell
Another lesser known Brit, but she came to Madison recently (missed the show, can you guess why?), and being billed as England's "Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings" so a kind of soul revivalist I suppose. At the end of the post, I have the studio version of this song as well by the band it's recorded under in case you want to buy it on iTunes.

The Flaming Lips

Funeral for a Friend


The Dynamics

A Fine Frenzy

Cee-Lo & The Roots
This is a partial one, and they lead into that song Crazy

Nostalgia 77
Here's the aforementioned studio version of the Alice Russell

viva el mustache

Damien Rice
Thanks for Bronson on the heads up on this version of it. It doesn't start until about 2 minutes into the video so if you're curious, let the video load then skip past the blabbing at the start of the video. Oh, also as for the Metallica cover, I found that too, but it looks to be just a little snippet in the middle of a covers medley, and they don't even sing (at least in the video I saw of it). And what the hell happened to Metallica where they are doing cover medleys? Shameful.


Bronson said...

Damien Rice has a cover of Seven Nation Army as well.

And Kate Nash is great. I love that Foundations song!

DeWolf said...

Metallica jammed out to this song at some awards show a few years back.

Jorge said...

This song soooooo deserves to be on BMS. I hate, hate, hate it. Hate it. So much. My ears bleed when I hear it. And some of these bands so deserve to be on here, too. Not all or even a majority, but some of them.
Ugh. Fucking White Stripes. Fuck them. Fuck their stupid music. And Fuck that fucking song.