March 5, 2009

My Mutant Pig

this is my ring-toe, fourth toe, or pinky toe neighbor (and yes, i refer to toes as pigs to clarify the title...this little piggy went to the market...c'mon you know the reference).

anyway, for as long as i can remember the toe in this slot on my foot has hooked underneath the middle toe. i don't have a good explanation for this, but i vaguely remember being told once that it had something to do with wearing shoes that were too small when i was a kid. i was a stubborn child and if i liked something, i didn't give it up without a fight, like the little potty chair i had, and that even when my parents put it in the closet, i would go into the closet and use that potty chair, dammit. anyway, i had a pair of charlie brown tennis shoes that i loved, so i might have caused this problem by wedging my feet into those shoes whilst i was a growing boy. none of my other toes are curved or strange for toe standards, just this one. and it doesn't hurt or anything, though when i brought it up to a doctor once about how to fix the problem he said, "well, we could break those toes, reset them them straight, but if they aren't bothering you, what's the problem?" i agreed with his assessment.

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