March 18, 2009

Not Tired Blues


Can't sleep because I had some coffee late and I'm fighting some nausea that is either from that coffee or this jalapeno beer I had the Grumpy Troll (but I scored two more Best Americans from the independent bookstore across the street...2001 & 2005). So I've been thinking about a lot of stuff here trying to get to bed.

  • Have jeans at Kohl's always been expensive? I went looking for some yesterday and this one pair was 50 bucks. I know some jeans cost more, but I'm at motherfucking Kohl's here, people, and these weren't Levi's. In fact, it was the only regular price jeans on the adult side of the men's clothes. The closeout jeans I found, and tried on gave me a helluva an ego boost because they were size 42 and still big, which means I'm rocking a 40 waist over here. Still fat, yeah, but shit man, that's awesome for me. I didn't buy those jeans because, they were giving me the ole Lyndon Johnson, felt like I was riding a wire fence. Really it was the space between the waist and the crotch was too short and I don't truck with low-rise pants. So, I settled on a smaller belt to cinch up my pants for now.
  • I wonder how many people regret getting on The Wire because that is going to follow them to their graves. I listened to Terry Gross interview Idris Alba (Stringer Bell) on Fresh Air the other day, and most of the interview was about his role on The Wire. Just Wire this, Wire that, and you could tell Terry Gross was having a geekgasm right there, like a trekkie interviewing George Takei. Kind of fun to hear someone that excited, but she's a pro, c'mon Terry. And the more I learn about the people behind the Wire, like the writers and stuff, the more the Wire looks more like a collage piece than a full-on original idea, like apparently a few pieces were cribbed directly from Richard Price's novel Clockers, and a few instances were cribbed straight out of David Simon's book Homicide. Now, they both were involved in the show, but c'mon, doesn't that sort of tarnish it just a little, or are these moments just allusions to the other work? I haven't thought about it too much though because I'm watching the whole series again for like the fourth time and I still enjoy it greatly. Makes me want to write my own TV show. If a buncha newspapermen, ex-police officers, and crime novelists and crank out the best television show ever, shit, I gotta think I could at least create something no worse than "Still Standing" or "Californication."
  • I haven't worked out real hard in a long time and it's starting to bug me. I hurt my knee so that kept me out of comission for a week. Monday, I did a little weight stuff but didn't hop on the bike and Tuesday I did nothing. My knee is fine now, and I've been around beer a lot more lately, so I'm not making good choices here. Shame, shame.
  • I'm getting real antsy to find a new job. What I have now 8 hours of annoyance that barely keeps me interested. I hope it doesn't hurt my job performance too much because I still need this shit detail until I get something better.
  • On Monday, I took another job test, and there was a guy there who had been laid off when GM closed it's Janesville plant. They only built SUVs in Janesville, so really GM fucked this guy for not diversifying. I feel bad for the guy, but if me getting this new job means he goes unemployed, well, so be it, buddy. Tough beans. And I don't think that makes me a bad person for thinking so.
  • I really think I'm getting a feel for technical writing, though these blog post will never show that. But, I'm also getting antsy about writing fiction. My free time has been all about job hunt or trying to de-relay my brain or whathaveyou...but it's been remarkably frustrating and depressing thinking about how much I feel I'm letting myself down.
  • I don't know what I ate lately, but man...
  • It bothers me I haven't been to the dentist in like four years because I think about my teeth a lot. And I have dental insurance, too. It's the prospects of filling out all those goddamn forms though that keeps me away. I hate forms.
  • I'd really like to open a used bookstore in a college town that needs one. Like where I got my undergrad could really use an awesome used bookstore. But, how the hell do you start up a used bookstore? What's the initial costs run you, and how do you get that many used books? But, I kind of think that me opening a used book store would be a little bit like a wolf opening up a chicken restaurant, you know.
viva el mustache


Bronson said...

Alright, here's my business proposal: a used book and pie shop! I really want to open a pie shop and you really want to open a book store, so why don't we combine our efforts? I can be the Keri Russell pie-loving baker and you can be the book guru! We can have readings and pie eating contests. Or poetry slams with the best slammer getting a pie. It can be a whole new tradition! The only problem is that we'd need a third, more business-minded person to handle all the business-running crap.

What do ya think?

Philly Baby said...

Big Sexy, go to the dentist. Seriously. Despite what the good people at Nestle and Butterfinger have told us since childhood, teeth don't grow back. (Yeah, I'm finding out the hard way.)