March 24, 2009

Some Things You Wish to Forget, Some Things You Can't


I had one of those bolt of lightning memories today. We were on our way to the Roman Candle pizzeria (decent stuff) and we drove past that feminist bookstore, A Room of One's Own. Then it hit me. I didn't want it. But, there was no stopping it.

Anybody who was living up in the 307D clubhouse in Armstrong remember our long adventure into GladRags, the reusable tampon and menstrual cup dealer? Yes, a menstrual cup is exactly what it sounds like, call it Aunt Flo's shot glass if you must. How long did we talk about it? Hours? About as long as how two people with no arms would have sex and albino animals?

Man, I miss you guys.

viva el mustache


Anonymous said...

Thank god I wasn't there the day that one came up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was one of the grosser conversations, like the Merkin, or whatever that toupee-thing for not bald men was called...