March 13, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3


Tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday I have more of those delightful job tests to take. Good luck to me, and since Emily found a good luck coin given to me by a man named Jimmy John Tom Tom (seriously, sort of).

Today I got the results from another test I took...or did I? The letter says I took, and did not do well on, this test for this inter-library loan job at the Central Library. Of course, I did not take a test of this job, and they could not reuse the score from the previous library-centric job for this one since they wouldn't reuse the score for the exact same job at a different library.

So, what happened with this? Did someone forget to change the form letter saved under my name? Did I somehow get sent someone else's rejection letter (it's happened to me twice before)? Did I maybe take this test Tyler Durden style? I'll call them Monday to figure out exactly what happened with this rejection? And, by the way, rejection slips from jobs have been getting easier to take so I should be a hardened lumberjack ready for the rejection slips from magazines once I'm able to get back to it.

viva el mustache

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