April 20, 2009

Analog Versus Digital: Figuring the Real Weight


I have a problem and two scales.

My weight and trying to lessen it has been a source of continual frustration. So I tend to weigh myself obsessively. The problem is, I don't know what scale to believe since I have two of them.

So, here's the little experiment I did.

First thing I did was to get my 40 pound dumbbell and but it on the scales to see what it weighs. Pretty sure it should be 40 pounds, right? I adjusted the analog scale to read 40 pounds because, like I said, it should weight 40 pounds. And then I weighed it on the digital scale. I cannot adjust the digital scale at all.

So that's where the scales stand. The digital is a little higher, while I made sure that the analog was right on 40 pounds even. Then I stepped on up to weigh myself. Again, here's the readouts.

Okay, so you understand my consternation about Mankato-related weight gain? When I post my weight on the monthly weight business, I do it straight away in the morning before I eat, work out or anything, just straight out of bed. This weight here is reported after breakfast. Also, note that the weights reported are pretty much identical.

Then I worked out, hard. Half hour on the exerbike on the highest setting. 70 some odd situps. 20 pushups. A variety of work with my free weights, including that 40 pound sumbitch and his twin. When I do this, I'm decked out in a sweatshirt, undershirt, and a wicking shirt, plus exercise pants (long pants, not shorts) and a bandanna wrapped around my head.

Here's the weight post work out. And here's where the problem starts.

So, yeah. Looks like a 5 pound difference...and I have long, hairy feet. What's the deal (except with the foot, I can't help that)? Usually these scales are about 5 pounds apart, with the analog weighing me 5 pounds less consistently (except in the example I have showed above...the analog is a little weird sometime), even on those morning weigh-ins I post on the site, though I always use the digital scale.

Of course I want to believe the analog scale because I'm always lighter on it and the digital scale does show my 40 pound weight as being heavier than what it really is. So there might be some kind of a glitch. Unless of course the weight really is .4 pounds more than 40. And, as I said, the analog does seem unreliable, as my weight fluctuations more on that...plus I can adjust it, so maybe I'm adjusting it wrong...therefore I'm inclined to believe the digital...but then again the digital has, at times, weighed me too heavy, and I'd step off, get back on, and suddenly I'm a few ounces, or even in some cases pounds, lighter. Just, damn. It's frustrating, I don't know what to believe. Oh, plus I got this added bonus of carrying excess skin on my frame. I know, gross!, but it's true...so how many pounds of excess skin am I carrying around I have no idea, which complicates what I really weigh...and also the gaining of muscle that makes me weigh more (I was told or read or saw in Super Size Me or for some other reason believe that muscle weighs more than fat), as well though while I am slimming at the same time...so I don't know what the hell's going on.

I don't find it discouraging, just frustrating. There are scales that shoot this electronic pulse through you to get your body mass weight, but they're pricey, so screw that. It's just frustrating to live by these numbers and not know how true they really are. Oh well. Gotta keep on keeping on.

viva el mustache

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