May 17, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


It was an eventful past couple days. There was this shooting in my apartment complex in the building across the tennis court from mine. I purchased tickets to watch the Cardinals play the Brewers in Milwaukee. Emily has her summer schedule set and paid for. And, most importantly, I bought a shirt that was an extra large and the motherfucker fit. Hell yeah. But more on that later because today is Bad Music Sunday. A couple BMS notes. I just learned that I duplicated another song, Republica's Ready to Go. So that's the third mistake, I believe in doubling up, but overall, not a bad record I don't think. Right now, the list sits at 488 songs that have been honored (I may need recalculate though, I think I forgot to add the football team songs).

Anyway, here you go:

Cher - Walking in Memphis
What the fuck? This is a little like Tony Orlando covering Dishwalla.

Bananarama - Help!
Shameful shit right here...

Roxette - Listen to Your Heart

Bananarama - Venus
Were you aware that this is 5 minutes long? It is.

Crash Test Dummies - Superman Song
Is this a joke? I don't know. The Tarzan line that starts this thing off is pretty funny, I think. And the singer really sounds funny. But, I don't know...

Hoobastank - The Reason
When this song came out and became wildly popular, that's when I knew that modern rock radio had left me behind.

Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
Whoa-oh-ah-oh. Whoa-oh-ah-oh. Whoa-oh-ah-oh. Whoa-oh-ah-oh. Who-oh-ah-oh.
I think my onomatopoeia skills need some sharpening. See, that's why I'm not a poet. Can't do stuff with sounds like that. And probably also, I don't mind Jimmy Eat World that much, at least the record this is off of (Bleed American). I saw them live once. They opened for Tenacious D and Weezer. But this song always makes me chuckle, probably because these two "edgy" DJs on The Point (St. Louis' alt-rock station) made fun of it before they had to play it. Before they played it, one of the edgy DJs tried to say "Whoa-oh-ah-oh" as many times as possible before he had to take a breath.

Tony Orlando & Dawn - Tie a Yellow Ribbon

viva el mustache

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Diana said...

I agree with all of it except for the Tony Orlando.