May 30, 2009

Pork Steaks in Mankato


I'm posting this for Jorge because I know Jorge loves himself some pork steaks. And I know a lot of you would also love you some pork steaks. Diana might not anymore with her porcine puppy dog, but a good pork steak, man, good stuff even if that wasn't my favorite grilled meat.

Anyway, I watched a little bit of Barbecue University, in fact, this episode and they inform the viewing public how to enjoy yourself a pork steak if you do not live in St. Louis or point nearby St. Louis.

You go to your local meat store, find the Pork Shoulder and ask the meat cutter/butcher to cut the pork shoulder into steaks, and, viola, you got yourself pork steaks.

According to the guy on BBQ University, using ham steaks work well too, but nuts to that because that's not real pork steaks. Real pork steaks...pork shoulder cut into steaks.

viva el mustache

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