May 26, 2009

The Sunburn Picture Facebook Wouldn't Upload & More


I don't know why it wouldn't load, but it did not, so I'll post it here to show off the glory that is my farmer's tan. Brings me back to the days when I went fishing all the time with my dad. I spent most of my youth with sunburns and suntans like this. And, you know, it sucks a lot more than I remember it.

And here's another flattering picture that you can find on Facebook, but I know some of you aren't on there yet or anymore, and this might be of interest to ya'll...That is an actual, meat-filled hot dog. No soy. Nothing but vague bits of animals all ground up and slipped into some kind of casing. Delicious. Emily had one, too. And we got right back on the vegetarian wagon for dinner and today will be another vegetarian day as well. I don't feel bad about eating the hot dog and I would do it again tomorrow (that was a good hot dog, man). But, I gotta wonder...will this hot dog be a gateway meat? Will a month from now will I have shirked vegetarianism alltogether and moved onto harder meats. Your tenderloins, your porterhouses...

Here's one final picture that I want to share here. I just think it turned out great. In the foreground, it is a statue erected in honor of the construction workers that built Miller Park, in particular the three that died as a result of a crane accident.

viva el mustache

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