June 9, 2009

Til Tuesday


Today is the first year, amateur baseball draft. While I'm not a draft geek, I'm still going to watch this in the hopes that my StL Cardinals pick a left-handed starter with a high ceiling of potential, or a toolsy middle infielder that can hit.

After a little bit of that, some homemade bean/rice/mushroom burgers (of my own making, I'm damn good at it) I'm going to go see this movie, which just came to town at our local Sundance Theater.


I've been waiting for this movie since Tom posted the trailer for it over at 60'6". Expect a review. There's a bunch of movies out right now I want to see. Well, two more. Up and The Hangover look like a lot of fun as well, particularly Up. Oh, and any minute now, I'll be getting this movie in the mail from Netflix since it was just released on DVD:

Wise Blood

Shaping up to be a fine Tuesday. Oh, and yesterday I bought myself three more XL shirts from a thrift store, and only one of them needs any kind of alterations (don't care what Seinfeld says, the last button on a shirt is quite important, too high and it's just a really funny looking cape, too low, you got no mobility...this shirt is top notch aside from the last button placement). And since today is the first day I have the opportunity to wear one in public, well, this is a great Tuesday. Oh yeah.

viva Tuesday

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