June 1, 2009

Things My Sunburned Head Have Ruined So Far

1. Today being a hatless day.
2. The ceremonial tying of the workout bandanna around my head, and particularly the tucking in loose ends stage of the ceremony.
3. My good, therapeutic, post-workout hot shower.
4. The equally enjoyable thorough shampooing.
5. Drying off after the shower.
6. Combing what hair's left.
7. The ability to scratch my head when figuring out real head-scratcher problems like trying to remember why I didn't wear a hat while grilling.


8. Compulsively smoothing my hair down or generally rubbing my head.
9. Noogies.
10. My consecutive days streak of not having gooey substances all up in my hair (I bought some spray aloe to deal with the burn)

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