June 25, 2009

Work Out Vs. Illness (Updated


I thought I had shook the cold that kept me pinned to the couch most of the day Tuesday. I left work early last night because I was coughing so much and this morning I had an everso slight fever and a raw throat from coughing all night (still coughing now) and I have some cold medicine in me and eyeballing another dose soon.

The question is, do I work out? What does working out do for colds? Does the adrenaline help or will I just weaken myself and exacerbate the whole situation? I haven't done anything for the last two days and I'm feeling antsy. I think I'm getting on the bike. Yeah, the bike seems good. Let's see what happens.

viva el mustache

Okay, I did it. 30 push ups. 20 squats, 20 or so jumping jacks. 30 minutes on the bike at the highest setting. Oh yeah. Good to feel alive...except when my throat starting burning like I'd inhaled a lit coal during the squats and the time on the bike where it felt like I was about to hork up my esophagus like a inside-out bloody sock. But yeah, no worse for the wear so far. Go team.

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