July 19, 2009

Bad Music Sunday: Four Covers and One Found Turd


This one is preprogrammed and put up a little late at night, so please excuse the lack of depth this time around.

I was putting this one together, doing my YouTube searches, and then I stumbled across Whitesnake's Slow & Easy. And, you know, that songs trouble because it's frustrating for about 2 minutes, then has one of the best chorus sections that you can't help but chant along with. And on the strength of that alone, means I cannot put it on BMS. These however...

Chilliwack - My Girl
Found turd. For some reason, it kind of reminds me of the Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? song that Rockapella did. The comparison doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but there it is just the same. This isn't a cover either, but I still think it's worth putting on here.

Rockapella - Sixty Minute Man (Live!)
This guy looks like Joe Camel. And he can perform sexually for a long time, if the cover of this song is to be believed, though much of the time seems to be devoted to anything but the old in and out. I suppose if you're comfortable having relations with Joe Camel for an hour, then okay, I'm sure he won't mind. He's in Rockapella and can't make himself intelligible because he's just so bassy. I can't imagine he gets a lot of tail on the road.

Judas Priest - Johnny B. Goode

Keane - Under Pressure

Def Leppard - American Girl
I guess this is fine version of it because it's pretty much exactly as Tom Petty does it. But that's what makes it bad. Why cover a song if you're not even going to bother doing something a little different? This is what bar bands do. Is that was Def Leppard is now? Are they a common bar band? And their drummer, if he's still their drummer, is arm deficient. Oh and this is the song that ruined The Stroke for me because one day in the office in AH207D I played some Tom Petty and Darren heard it and said this song sounds just like every Strokes song recorded. And he's right, and I can't listen to the Strokes without thinking of that. It's kind of like the time I couldn't eat Taco Bell for a long time because this guy I knew called it "kangaroo meat" and that image of kangaroo meat sort of stuck with me.

viva el mustache

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DeWolf said...

If anyone were ever to make a movie about Rockapella, Ron Perlman would have to play the role of that guy.