July 12, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Yesterday, I bought one of those "Coexist" t-shirts, which is about the bare minimum of a political statement a person can make, so it's right about my speed of activism. And I had spilled coffee on my sweet Fantasy Baseball shirt (by the way, I would like it very much if someone bought me this shirt), so I needed a change of clothes. But, I just realized that I didn't get a fully tricked out Coexist shirt. The one I have is just for religion because it has that Islamic quarter moon thing, a cross and a star of David, and the peace sign, but lacks the yin yang, sex arrows and pentagram. I don't know if I was hosed or not because I don't know what is the official Coexist shirt, like maybe I bought an unofficial Coexist shirt, like those first generation Beavis and Butthead shirts (at least I remember them being called unofficial) or those pictures of Calvin pissing on things. Anyway, it's important to note that I'm still for coexistence, you know, but my t-shirt seems to suggest I'm only for religious coexistence, and then it's only for a couple religions, but I'm totally for a lot more coexistence. Don't let my shirt fool ya.

That has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to share.

Here's your weekly BMS ear medicine. The cod liver oil of your soul:

Keith Urban - Kiss A Girl
Auto tune + Modern Country. Oh, boy. Anyway, since when did modern country music turn into tasteless adult contemporary music? It was a slide probably started by the rise of Garth Brooks and continued by the popularity of the sexy dwarf Shania Twain, but still, what's the difference between this song and say, anything on Y98FM or easy listening dentist office music when I could have sworn that Keith Urban belongs on WIL FM or that other country station in St. Louis that i can't remember right now. Or, is that what country music is now? Are contemporary hillbillies in pick up trucks with girlie mudflaps rocking out to, essentially, Hall & Oates but with occasional slide guitar and fiddle?

Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
I really like how dated black culture slang becomes white trash slang over time. Like when this song came out, I'm pretty sure badonkadonk wasn't being used any more, if it was ever used by anyone in the first placed outside of Crank Yankers and Tracy Morgan.

Katy Perry - Waking up In Vegas
Looking at this video, I'm officially tired of the whole Vegas playland cliche right now. It's a quick turnaround for me because I saw The Hangover about a week ago or so, and liked it okay. But this whole crazy Vegas weekend is a played out idea by now, isn't it? I'm not saying I don't want to go, but, come on, how many times you gotta hear that story? Wouldn't it be a lot more interesting if it was a lost weekend in a city where you aren't expected to have a lost weekend? Like waking up in a daze in Santa Fe without knowing what the hell happened in the last 48 hours or why you're covered with sand, wearing a serape and missing an eyebrow? If that happens in Vegas, you're reaction is the "Oh, Vegas is Vegas!" excuse, like that's some kind of magical absolution button, then you giggle and blame a prostitute, but in Santa Fe or Toronto or Juneau or Columbia, South Carolina...well then you got some interesting explaining to do.

Take That - Back for Good
Oh! Lookey! There's Robbie Williams there in the chorus, wanting you back for good. He's like a British Nick Lachey. You know, dreamy.

East 17 - Stay Another Day
Found turd. I have no idea what this song is or who these guys are, but holy Moses, this is brilliant. This might be a parody of David Brent like proportions because it's just, well, it's a thing all right. Enjoy!

Mark Safan - Win in the End
From the final basketball showdown in Teen Wolf, but this stops short of showing that part where the guy takes his dick out.

Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love)

viva el mustache

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Jorge said...

Waking up in Mankato. now that would be a story.