July 26, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


So I finally bought the 4 disc box set of the Last Waltz. Got it for cheap at this record store on State Street. Well, cheap enough. 36 bucks isn't that bad of a price. With my bootleg copy of the film, the real version of the film and this box set, I think I have achieved sonic completeness with The Last Waltz. Next step would be getting actual Last Waltz memorabilia, like a poster or something maybe. Get a lock of Martin Scorsese's or Levon Helm's hair.

And now for your cringing pleasure, this week's BMS:

Captain and Tennille - Do That To Me One More Time (live!)

Don Henley - The End of Innocence (live!)

Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
Well...have ya? And really, if you have to ask, I'm sure the answering is no.

Steve Perry - Foolish Heart

Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder - Ebony and Ivory

viva el mustache


Jorge said...

Steve Perry and Bryan Adams? Are you trying to kill me here? Both of those songs were on the Mankato Heartbreak Club list for future updates. I think they can stay on that list, though. Bad songs are sometimes the most heart breaking.

Bryan said...

I knew you loved Steve Perry, but I didn't know that you were a Bryan Adams fan as well.

And there is a wealth of Bryan Adams stuff on YouTube, and he seems pretty cool about allowing embedded material, so long as his website address is on it, so I'm sure you could pick through the entire Bryan Adams catalog for even more stuff of his for the Heartbreak Club because I can't think of many Bryan Adams songs that wouldn't be appropriate.

And, yes, you're right. Sometimes the best breakup songs are the worst.