July 31, 2009

A Year Under the Headset


It's been a year at my job and in Wisconsin. A quick, yet long-suffering, unproductive year.

So, here's to one year...(sound quality's terrible, by the way)

Okay, things are that bad. Nowhere near. We're not bankrupt. Well, maybe in the confidence department, but bank account wise, I can pay the bills and go to a movie buy a few used paperbacks. Anyway, here's something else that's funny. And it makes me laugh just about every time I hear it...

And this makes me laugh, too. And smile, and sometimes, pay money to see.

viva el mustache


Emily said...

Oh, Bag o' Dicks. You make me laugh.

Jorge said...

Did you ever see the show Louis C.K. had on HBO? It was fantastic. The wife on the show was the lady who did Bobby Hill's voice on King of the Hill.