August 18, 2009

Cavedwelling Creep


Went to Cave of the Mounds today. When I was a kid, I loved caves and Emily has never been so today was the day to go to a cave. Nothing wrong with that. Wholesome family fun. I gave Emily the camera, and she took about 100 of them of the formations and stuff. Most of them turned out, but the one I'm sharing is the one our tour guide took of us. And because I think I look really strange in it, I figured I would share.

Take a peek:

God, why can't I look normal in pictures, especially when I smile. I look like such a creep here. Sheesh. Someday soon, I've gotta post a top five weird looking pictures I have of myself.

viva el mustache

1 comment:

drewidness said...

Actually that is a pleasant, natural smile. Not too many teeth, but just enough to convey a happy emotion. Lovely pic of a lovely couple. Bring any bats home, I need some more for my belfry