August 29, 2009

Evolution of a Face


I have a new license, so I think it's time to do a retrospective of my recent faces. I have lost the picture from my Illinois license, so I can't use that, but here's the pictures from my Carbondale student ID, my Minnesota driver's license and my brand new Wisconsin driver's license. These are in no way as dramatic as Jorge's pictures because I've pretty much had one haircut since undergraduate days, though it has gotten shorter and shorter because genetics are making me balder and balder.

Also, I'm amazed by how young I looked in the Carbondale picture. Young as in immaturity or something going on in that photo. And, just to remind you, that was after my undergraduate degree and teaching for a couple years. It was taken the year before I came to Mankato, so it's not like I was 18 in that picture. And, you know, it looks like my head has gotten taller.




Now, it's time for who I look like, then and now, via that handy-dandy MyHeritage website.

And, an interesting note, Julio Igleias just missed the cut on two of these. Go figure.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

They look like mugshots, which a good ID photo should. But they're mugshots in a progressive order, like your crimes were getting worse. The Carbondale one isfor theft, obviously. The Minnesota one looks like an organized crime ring thing happened. And the last one looks like you were busted for identity theft--you look more intelligent in it, anyway.