August 14, 2009

The Thoughts of a Young Man


Thanks goes to Mitch (nee Natalie) for sending me the link for this particular site. It's videos and information created by US News and World Report about the major universities in the country. Essentially, they've grabbed some students, seemingly at random, and asked them about their school, why they chose that school and what makes it so, so good.

I haven't watched them all yet, but I plan on revisiting it soon because if they're are more like the one below, I want to see it.

It's from Brown University. It's two young men who are on the crew team, which I assume prepares them for a long, luscious life of rowing boats for romance purposes, or while manacled to fellow slaves in the guts of some ocean going vessel (oh, like you've seen other purposes for rowing acumen on TV).

Anyway, watch this video, and just wait until the first guy stops talking and holds the mike to his friend, who could probably be his twin brother. And the second guy just talks and talks, so it's not important what he says. Just look at that first kids face and tell me...what is he thinking about?

I have one guess. He's thinking, "I wonder how many t-shirts I could fit into my mouth. Probably a lot. Like 10 because I got a big mouth because I eat a lot of burritos. But that's a lot of shirts. Maybe like baby shirts. Yeah, 10 baby shirts could go right into my mouth. Or rags, like bath rags. I could stuff a bunch of bath rags in there, too. Yeah."

But, what do you think he's thinking about?

viva el mustache


Natalie said...

Ha--I'm glad you like it. The people at Princeton are terribly disappointed these two didn't choose to go there, I'm sure.

And why does the twin know about the neuroscience program? Is that supposed to be his major? Is he really confident that the "laid back" academic environment will fully prepare him for a job in neuroscience?


Jorge said...

I like that they both have the rag in mouth look when not talking. And the guy who is quiet at first looks like he's going to be the one shoving the rags in the other guys mouth.