September 2, 2009

A Man in Gender Neutral Clothing


Way back in Mankato, for our first wedding anniversary, I bought a Cardinal hoodie for Emily from Scheels. She wore it to work because it was frigidly cold in that place. The thing was always big on her, but it was good enough for to stay warm at work. Recently this hoodie has been stashed in our closet.

Here it is today:The son of a bitch fits me! Ha!

Looking ahead, I'm not too confident I'm going to hit this months weight goal. (By the way, I finally fixed the math on the sidebar). It's funny because I know I've lost weight over this time, though the scale says otherwise. My stomach skin is getting more bunched and wrinkly than before, and my wedding ring slides easily off my middle finger now, so progress has been made, yet my number hasn't been decreasing like I want. Maybe I've been gaining more muscle, which is heavier than fat by the way. So, maybe that's what's going on. Or the fact that I've been eating more substantial breakfasts and lunches lately (I've been feeling pretty rundown) so perhaps that's why the weight isn't melting off as readily as before. Who knows. I still got time to really put my shoulder into this weight loss and see what comes of it.

viva el mustache y weight loss!

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