September 21, 2009




Got a new job. Pays around 5.45 an hour more than what I get now, which translates to, roughly, an extra 400.00 a paycheck (gross) for me. And the hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. It starts October 5th. Oh, hell yeah.

Here's the following things that are now possible with this job.

1) I can have dinner with Emily every night of the week.
2) I can afford more interesting vegetarian fare, such as quinoa (pronounced KEEN-WA, and it's fun to shout in joy).
3) I can attend literary events, such as the upcoming Madison Book Festival, featuring a reading from Lorrie Moore.
4) I can attend some of the many, many interesting concerts that play Madison weekly. All the indie darlings that I enjoy swing through town.
5) It pays me enough were we could go on vacation someplace. Something Emily and I have never been able to afford on our own.
6) It pays me enough where we can finally get ahead financially and plan for the next move to parts unknown (so long as we don't blow the cash on weekend trips, books, food and concert tickets).
7) It pays enough that I can replace all of my ill-fitting clothes with clothes that actually fit me.
8) I'll be able to quit my current soul crushing, spirit reducing job.

Joy, it cometh this morning.

viva el mustache


Ande said...

Congrats! What's the job?

I still think you should wish the other person death by crotch-rot.



Anonymous said...


Super happy fer ya on this one. You deserve it big time for putting in the time at your last job.

And quinoa is the bomb-diggety btw. Even has a high protein content.

Rock on man!