September 1, 2009

Vote for Yoda


Asking a favor of all of you. I need you to vote for Yoda, the three-legged dog from Madison, WI in this Cutest Dog competition this week (competition ends 9/5).

Why should you vote for Yoda? Yes, I know Yoda's owner and he is a cute dog, but...
it's more than that. Yoda lost his one leg to bone cancer a while ago. Recently, he finally finished his chemotherapy treatments recently, the cash prize for winning this contest will go to help pay for the treatment.

So, please vote for him, if you can. You have to register to vote. And you can only vote once a day.

To find Yoda, go to You have to click on "Cutest Gallery" then search for "Yoda." He should be the first Yoda that shows up, and the only one on the first page with three legs.

Thanks for your help

Or, you know, click on this embedded thingamajig with a picture of Yoda for faster service:
Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

viva el mustache y yoda

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